A partnership between Mercy and The Mayo Clinic sees benefits 2 years after starting


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) — Since 2022, Mercy and The Mayo Clinic have partnered to improve patient care. This ten-year collaboration includes the non-identifying healthcare information of around 500 million patients.

“It’s going to allow not only Mercy but Mayo to develop research, (using) AI to develop a product to hopefully detect disease earlier in its course. And then rare outcomes that are harder to find when maybe you only have access to your own health care system patient information,” says Mercy Vice-President Kerry Bommarito.

The goal is simple when it comes to the two working together. They hope that by sharing information, the two systems will be able to help find diseases earlier and start treatments soon.

“Mayo Clinic Platform is enabling innovation to change how care is provided. At its core, Platform relies on our distributed data network to make available data that has depth, breadth, and spread, and which can help create new ways to diagnose, treat, and care for patients no matter where in the world they might live. Today represents a significant milestone, demonstrating the power of collaboration in transforming healthcare,” said John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform.

The information shared is limited and doesn’t include any identifying information about a patient. The cross platform used with the medical records has been vetted by a third party to ensure your information is private.

“Mercy is actually contributing more patients than Mayo because of the large size of Mercy and how long we have had an electronic medical record. So, Mercy’s electronic medical record goes back to 2008. We are contributing the largest amount of data to this platform right now,” says Bommarito.

The treatment outcomes and data are a benefit, and with the use of Artificial Intelligence, we can spot health problems earlier, generate patterns for diseases early, and provide treatment options.

A spokesperson for The Mayo Clinic said, “The collaboration between Mayo Clinic and Mercy is not about building a huge database; they do not send data to each other. Rather, it’s about leaving the data at Mercy (and Mayo Clinic) so that the de-identified information of the past can help both institutions plan for the care of patients in the future.

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