Jun 21, 2023 16:23 IST

New Delhi [India], June 21: Healthcare accessibility and affordability are two of the primary concerns that are held responsible for a nation’s growth. To ensure that healthcare supplies reach the last mile of India, GenWorks Health has revamped the E-Commerce platform that allows customers to access medical equipment and supplies efficiently. The GenStore is an EStore platform that uses healthcare technology widely at affordable prices for doctors, hospitals, medical professionals, NGOs, and paramedics. GenStore enables easy placement of orders with verified products available at affordable prices for the final purpose of hassle-free doorstep delivery to customers. The unique value proposition provided by GenStore is that it offers the healthcare community end-to-end care by purchasing products, repurchasing consumables, AI software packages, IVD reagents, digital solutions, laboratory solutions, education solutions, services parts and accessories, right from screening, diagnosis, to treatment solutions.
Genworks Health is one of the leading healthcare solutions providers that use digitisation to improve specialist access to the last mile. The company strongly believes and works consistently to create a strong impact by connecting all patients to specialists at the need of the hour and also leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that. Working on the belief that digital interventions can realign conventional healthcare practices to make them more patient-centric, equitable, and inclusive, GenWorks makes healthcare more accessible and affordable.
GenWorks has a dedicated aim and that is to provide premium quality healthcare, medical supplies, instruments, and consumable products to be delivered pan India which is why the company is making consistent efforts to enhance the e-commerce platform. The company has multiple sales agents who reach out to customers including doctors, physicians, and laboratories. GenStore, the e-commerce wing of GenWorks Health was started in Q ‘3 2019 to provide an online platform where customers can look for all the products and order them online. The E-Commerce platform has effects from respiratory to treatment solutions to Women’s Health to Newborn Care, In Vitro Diagnostics, Covid, and even services parts and accessories.
GenWorks has scaled up the E-Commerce Platform in terms of building traffic and bringing in more consumers so that the products and services that it offers can effectively reach the last mile. To increase engagement and awareness, GenWorks has also lined up initiatives that are aimed at enhancing the reach of the E-Commerce Platform. The idea is to make the platform accessible to as many customers as possible. From improving content to making navigation simpler for the customers, efforts have been made to ensure that customers reach the website and find it easy to place orders.

To improve customer engagement different micro-sites have also been created for categories like Women’s Health, In Vitro Diagnostics, and Treatment Solutions giving a detailed overview of the different products being offered. The product detail page is optimised to ensure that the customers have a better idea of all that a product is capable of offering. GenWorks is working towards making improvements to the product pages by adding various affordability levers like the no-cost EMI, return policies, faster delivery, and customer feedback. The E-Commerce Platform has also worked as a steady point of reference for sales agents when approaching a customer. With a firm goal to offer better reach, quick delivery, availability, and efficiency, the GenStore is created for last-mile delivery to all customers so that all solutions can reach the doorsteps of customers.
GenWorks believes in a robust supply chain and the health tech platform is doing everything to ensure that the E-Commerce Platform has a streamlined distribution of medical equipment and supplies to all its customers. It continues to effectively offer easy, affordable, and accessible healthcare equipment to customers up to the last mile to improve the healthcare infrastructure in the country. GenStore is a primary way of making that possible as it is India’s dedicated e-commerce platform that makes shopping easy for customers.
GenWorks Health is a healthcare solutions provider specialising in various fields which address a gap in the availability of specialists in remote areas. The company is dedicated to building awareness by using the technology available and providing affordable solutions across geographies with digital solutions. With digitization, the company is focusing more on improving specialist access to the last mile with a firm belief in creating an impact with the “Care Cycle” approach that connects all patients to specialists at the need of the hour.
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