Mazree and Capstone Health Alliance Join Forces to Revolutionize Equipment Value Recovery in Healthcare


Mazree, a cutting-edge provider of medical equipment disposition services, has announced a strategic partnership with Capstone Health Alliance, one of the largest regional group purchasing organizations in the U.S. healthcare sector.

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / January 9, 2024 / Mazree, a cutting-edge provider of medical equipment disposition services, has announced a strategic partnership with Capstone Health Alliance, one of the largest regional group purchasing organizations in the U.S. healthcare sector. The new collaboration combines Mazree’s expertise in equipment value recovery with Capstone’s vast industry leadership to benefit Capstone members significantly.

Capstone Health Alliance has a proven track record of delivering value and savings to its members through strategic partnerships with leading suppliers. By partnering with Mazree, Capstone aims to enhance its equipment value recovery capabilities and provide innovative solutions to its members. With its advanced medical equipment auction platform, Mazree has transformed the way buyers and sellers of medical equipment connect, enabling healthcare facilities to sell surplus and retired equipment to a vast network of trusted buyers.

The partnership highlights include streamlined asset management, enhanced financial returns, elevated environmental responsibility, and advanced software with transparent reporting. By leveraging Mazree’s expert asset disposition services, Capstone Health Alliance members can efficiently manage surplus or retired medical equipment and optimize resource utilization and space management. Through Mazree’s targeted approach and extensive network, members can unlock the total value of their surplus equipment, providing an additional revenue stream that can be strategically reinvested in the healthcare ecosystem.

Capstone and Mazree are firmly committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility in healthcare. By choosing Mazree, Capstone members can demonstrate their shared value of prioritizing responsible recycling, resale, and donation practices. Mazree’s advanced software offers Capstone members a seamlessly integrated solution, providing real-time updates through user-friendly software, automating workflows, and centralizing asset management. Mazree’s analytics capabilities empower data-driven decision-making, ensuring members are audit-ready and facilitating strategic planning. This commitment to transparency and software strengthens Capstone Health Alliance’s reputation for excellence in the industry.

“This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in Mazree’s commitment to providing unparalleled value in the healthcare sector. By combining Capstone’s membership network with Mazree’s cutting-edge solutions, we are eager to reshape the landscape of equipment value recovery,” said Curtis McEntire, President of Mazree.

“Key partnerships are fostered when a need is identified, and solutions are required,” stated Tim Bugg, president, and CEO of Capstone Health Alliance. “This collaboration with Mazree will allow our Members to recoup significant funds and repurpose equipment that would otherwise sit dormant or find its way to a landfill. Need identified. Solution procured and now available for all Capstone Members.”

About Mazree:

Mazree is a leader in medical equipment disposition services, providing an advanced auction platform that maximizes the value of surplus and retired medical equipment for healthcare facilities. With a commitment to innovation and efficiency, Mazree transforms the industry by providing a seamless and value-driven experience. To learn more about Mazree, please visit

About Capstone Health Alliance:

Headquartered in Asheville, NC, Capstone Health Alliance is a leading regional group purchasing organization (GPO) that collaborates with hundreds of hospitals and thousands of healthcare providers nationwide. Capstone’s primary goal is to deliver tangible savings and provide actionable data to enable informed supply chain decisions. Capstone is committed to helping Members reduce costs, enhance quality, and foster the exchange of best practices. This is achieved through an unwavering dedication to price parity, offering consistent savings regardless of organizational size or location. Capstone Members also gain exclusive access to educational opportunities and benefit from the expertise of their dedicated team of supply chain professionals. To learn more about Capstone Health Alliance and how their innovative solutions can benefit your organization, please visit

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Capstone – Sr. Director of Marketing & PR
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