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Memorial Hospital donates equipment to hospital projects in Kenya | Daily Gate City – Keokuk, Iowa

Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the donation of vital medical equipment to two significant hospital projects in Kenya. This charitable effort was facilitated by insights from Memorial Hospital’s colleagues at Quincy Medical Group and Bishop E.L. Warren, Ph.D., Senior Pastor of the Cathedral of Worship in Quincy, Illinois. This contribution aims to strengthen the healthcare infrastructure and enhance medical services in an underserved region.

The need and vision had a compelling story for Memorial Hospital, understanding how furniture and equipment that cannot be utilized in the United States meet critical needs in underserved countries. One of the projects taking place in Kenya is a two-story women’s health maternity hospital that will include small unit birthing rooms, emergency room facilities, and waiting rooms designed to support mothers during labor. This facility is currently at 70% completion and is being built by hand, except for heavy machinery that is being used to transport concrete to the second level for safety reasons. This project is the first of this kind within the region and is expected to serve 500,000 childbearing women. Additionally, a 400-bed hospital in Kenya that has been vacant for nine years is currently being renovated to help serve those in need.

For both of these projects, Memorial Hospital and Quincy Medical Group have generously donated a range of essential equipment, from birthing and hospital beds to kitchen appliances and mobility equipment. The donated equipment, including 15,000 surgical instruments, will play a pivotal role in restoring these essential healthcare facilities to operational status.

“We are honored to support these transformative healthcare projects in Kenya,” said Ada Bair, Memorial Hospital and Hancock County Senior and Childcare Services CEO. “Our partnership with local organizations exemplifies our shared commitment to improving healthier outcomes and enhancing the well-being of communities worldwide. We believe that every individual deserves access to essential healthcare services, and through initiatives like these, we strive to make that a reality.” Along with the donation of equipment, Bishop Warren plans to take a team from the United States to Kenya to help launch these projects through training and support of local professionals, including Memorial Hospital’s very own Dr. Gina Bell, OB/GYN.


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