Mobility Equipment Supplier ‘Vivid Care’ Creates Own Neurological Patient Care Chair



North Yorkshire based healthcare equipment supplier Vivid Care have created and released a patient care chair specifically developed for patients with neurological conditions.

This patient chair is the result of a collaborative with active healthcare professionals to build a patient chair that meets the changing support needs at various stages of a neurological condition and is:

  • Suitable to care for patients with neurological conditions.
  • Able to handle involuntary movements.
  • Offers pressure sore/ulcer care.
  • Meets hospital and clinical infection control standards.
  • Offers strength beyond the current range of available chairs.

Launched in early September, the ‘Lento Neuro’ has been created to support patients who require to manage impaired neurological functions resulting from conditions such as Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s or Dementia.

This addition to their range of medical disability management recliner chairs for social care and hospital environments is part of the company’s recent transformation from local mobility equipment supplier to a national supplier partner of innovative healthcare equipment to the NHS.

Graham Oliver, Commercial Director at Vivid Care, says that the release of the Lento Neuro is the clearest signal yet of the company’s mission to create innovative and problem-solving healthcare equipment.

“We wanted this chair to effectively address a range of ‘real-time’ concerns that active healthcareprofessionals are currently having.

“Which is why we worked alongside healthcare providers as well as advisory specialists to build an adjustable patient chair that meets the changing support needs at various stages of a neurological condition.”

The final product is the result of an 18-month process that involved the advice of:

  • Huntington’s Disease specialists at the University of Birmingham
  • Active healthcare professionals from care home management company Hamberly
  • Specialist dementia care provider, Vida

“A key point in the design process of the Lento Neuro chair was that the final product should make the patient feel secure and cocooned, giving them the comfort to sit for long periods of time.” Notes Graham Oliver.

This development represents a milestone in Vivid Care’s 50-year history and it is hoped that this move will be a step in solidifying Vivid Care’s position as a key supplier partner of adaptive healthcare seating solutions for hospitals and community care environments. Just under a year into life as Vivid Care, the Harrogate based mobility equipment supplier is aiming for continued growth with increased collaborations with healthcare providers to come.

“The speed of our transformation from Yorkshire Care Equipment to Vivid Care has really symbolised the growing importance of our role amongst healthcare equipment suppliers.

“Releasing this chair built specifically to manage neurological conditions is the next step in our evolution into a healthcare partner.

Contact Vivid Care or Arrange a Demo or find out more about the Lento Neuro Patient Care Chair here.

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