NBCA Names Corewell Health the Inaugural NBCA Center of Exellence


The NBCA Centers of Excellence designation recognizes excellence in clinical outcomes, patient education, and post-hospitalization patient care for blood clots.

National Blood Clot Alliance has named Corewell Health Grand Rapids Hospitals – Butterworth Hospital as the inaugural NBCA Center of Excellence in the United States.

NBCA – the nation’s only patient advocacy organization dedicated to advancing the prevention, early diagnosis and successful treatment of venous blood clots – created this designation to highlight clinical settings that combine outstanding work in patient outcomes with the NBCA emphasis on patient education and post-hospitalization patient care.

“For too long NBCA has witnessed firsthand the gaps in venous thromboembolism (VTE) patient care,” said Board Member and NBCA Committee Chair Justin Crockett. “By designating Corewell Health a Center of Excellence, we are acknowledging its commitment to both clinical excellence and patient education.”

The process of designating Corewell Health as an NBCA Center of Excellence was a rigorous one. The committee assessed the VTE standard of care and reviewed historical outcomes and timeliness of reporting, which was then compared to established benchmarks.

It also included an on-site visit by the committee, meeting with both administrators and clinicians at Corewell Health, to validate the COE application. Finally, the committee evaluated the dedication to community education in clinical and post-clinical settings.

Dr. Michael Knox, interventional radiologist at Corewell Health, said that partnering with NBCA has resulted in their teams continually improving their processes to identify and treat patients in West Michigan who are affected by blood clots.

“We are inspired by the NBCA leaders, many of whom are survivors of PE,” Knox said. “I am grateful for the tireless dedication of so many at Corewell Health in this mission and look forward to continued collaboration with the NBCA.”

Dr. Alejandro Quiroga, president of Corewell Health, said that this recognition speaks highly of the demonstrated excellence of Corewell Health’s program treating patients with acute and chronic VTE.

“Patients know when they seek treatment at Corewell Health they are receiving care that compares favorably with the best nationally, so they can live their healthiest lives possible,” he said.

NBCA intends to expand the Centers of Excellence across the country to ensure high-quality VTE care for all Americans. The certification is a major step forward in doing just that.

To learn more about the NBCA VTE Centers of Excellence and the application criteria, please contact [email protected].


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