Oroville Hospital Registered Nurses ratify new 3-year contract for improved patient care


After a period of deliberation, the Registered Nurses at Oroville Hospital have made their voices heard through a vote in favor of a new three-year contract following months of advocating and a picket.

This decision marks a significant milestone in the ongoing negotiations between the nurses and the hospital administration, reaffirming the commitment of the nursing staff to their profession and the patients they serve.

The new contract is expected to provide improved working conditions and better compensation for the nurses, which will ultimately translate to better quality care for the patients.

I think we did a really good job showing support, showing that the nurses would ban together when needed, and show that they stood for something, and that something was a better contract,” said Christine Goodwin, Registered Nurse at Oroville Hospital.

Registered nurses at Oroville Hospital held an informational picket in February to demand better staffing conditions, which they said would improve employment retention and patient care.

We train really great nurses at Oroville Hospital and then they would leave us for other hospitals that might have paid more money, or had a better work environment. That’s where I wanted it to be known that if you come to Oroville Hospital as a nurse, I want you to stay there,” explained Goodwin.

Registered nurses have ratified a new three-year contract after months of negotiations. The new agreement includes several improvements such as the highest protection of patient care equipment, better workplace violence prevention language, improved communication of patient acuity before decreasing nursing staff, and an 11% wage increase over the next three years to support staffing and retention.

We just wanted a stronger stance at the negotiating table. At that point they did see us and they did hear us, and I believe that that helped us get the successful contract that we did win, we earned our contract and we won the contract.”

The California Nurses Association has been relentlessly committed to ensuring the highest quality of care for patients. This contract represents a significant step towards achieving their mission of providing compassionate and effective healthcare to all who need it.

The picketers hope that their demonstration will encourage nurses at the hospital to speak up for their needs. They believe that working together can bring about positive change and make the hospital a better place for both patients and staff.

“We might be a small community, but we have a lot of strength within our hospital and within the nurses themselves. I think that’s what the community sees, is that we’re there for them, we always have been there for them, we’re the front-line workers and fighters of the hospital and we will continue to be their advocates and do what’s best,” Goodwin concluded.


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