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When you are ill, it’s important to consult a doctor without fail and not resort to self-medication with the help of internet. Also, we should not buy medicines from medical shops by explaining the symptoms to the pharmacist. But before consulting the doctor, it could be better if you have some rudimentary information about your health. These basic details, which could help the doctors in diagnosis, can be sourced from inexpensive healthcare devices that could be bought directly from shops or online. The families who want to lead a healthy life should have these medical equipment in their homes.

1. Portable ECG monitor
A portable ECG monitor records the rhythm of the heart through a smartphone app. The Apple Watch and Fitbit smartwatches are capable of monitoring the heart rhythm. The watches have inbuilt-features to detect any anomaly in the working of the heart.

2. Blood pressure monitor
Compact and affordable electronic devices that can track blood pressure are available in the market.
3. Pulse oximeter
The pulse oximeter, which was in great demand during the Covid-19 pandemic, measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood. Though many smartphones have SpO2 censors, it is better to buy a pulse oximeter for an accurate reading of the oxygen saturation levels.

4. Glucometer
Many health issues will crop up for diabetic patients whose blood sugar levels fluctuate. A glucometer is inevitable for diabetic patients to keep track of their blood sugar levels and help in taking the requisite precautionary measures.

5. Contactless IR thermometer
Do you remember staff of malls and cinema theaters checking your body temperature with gun-like equipment after the outbreak of Covid-19? That device is called Contactless IR thermometer, which can check a person’s body temperature without keeping the thermometer inside the mouth or under the armpit. The contactless thermometer would help in monitoring the body temperature of kids and others in a family.

6. Medical alert system
The elderly members of a family may need medical emergency at any time. They might need others’ help when they fall, experience difficulty in breathing or chest pain. Just by pressing a button, the Medical alert system gives a distress signal to others when there is a medical emergency. There are also alert systems that give automatic notifications to hospitals and ambulance services.  


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